Let’s All Celebrate Over Justin Bieber FINALLY Getting Off Of Probation

We’re willing to bet no one knew that Justin Bieber was that much of a douche to egg his neighbor’s house, resulting in $80K in damages and 40 hours of community service. That’s right: the Biebs was actually on PROBATION (all while making sh*t-ass music) for his stupidity. Not just ANY probation — but two years worth. Here’s the thing, though:

Justin Bieber-1

Guy was doing so well putting up with consequence that he even impressed the dudes and dudettes at the Probation Department. His lawyer showed up and actually got the court to end his probation 30 days early. Justin Bieber is now a FREE MAN. Let’s hope what happened to him in Zoolander 2 happens to him in RL, though. That would be funny.