Kendall Jenner Is Pretty Hot in Front of (and Behind) the Camera

Sure, we love to look at the Kardashians’ ample display of skin and curves, wishing they could be draped over our waiting bodies, but here’s the thing: we need to recognize other talent when we see it, and one Kendall Jenner’s got it (as well as the typical hot Kardashian bod, of course).

Kendall Jenner-1

Guess what: Kendall Jenner is quite the photographer! Give her a camera, and she tends to work some magic, particularly on the B&W side. Her talent’s not unlike the apparent ‘talent’ of one Kardashian sister as you’ll find here. Just check out these photos for yourself and see that we just might have a Kardashian in the family who knows how to work the camera the ‘other way’.