The Kit Harington Story About How He Landed The Role Of Jon Snow Is Incredible

Kit Harington, who plays the iconic role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, told a story that shows celebrities really are just like us.

However unlike most of us, his questionable decision making led him to fame and fortune.

Kit Harington told a story in W magazine about something crazy that happened to him the day before his GoT audition. It all started with a trip to McDonald’s, which is how many insane stories begin.

“I had been in a fight the night before. I got in this fight with this guy at McDonald’s. I was with this girl I was sort of dating at the time. He quite quickly started to be really rude to the woman I was with, then he called her something like an ugly pig and I got up. I said, ‘No you can’t call her that, get up.’ So I called him up for a fight, which I had never done before.”

“He got up and he just kept [getting taller] and I realized that I had to, at that point, throw the first punch otherwise I’d look like a complete wimp. And I got battered.”

Who knew getting his ass beat would be his best career decision?

“So then I went to the Jon Snow audition with a black eye, which I think that man who punched me in the face may have helped me get the job. So, if you’re watching, thank you!”

Get into fight, lose=profit. Nice. Kit also talked about what is was like playing dead for so long.

“Because I was lying down for so many hours, for two whole episodes, I fell asleep in the middle of a scene, and woke up…You know when you wake up and you don’t know quite where you are? There’s nothing scarier than waking up in the middle of Game of Thronesworld, naked, and everyone standing over you and thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’ve died and I’ve actually ended up in Westeros.’ Of course, someone gets brought back from the dead and the first question anyone will ask is, ‘What did you see, what was there? Tell us, because this is the question on every human’s mind, throughout time, we need to know what happens.’ And, of course, there was nothing, which is the scariest thing you can hear, and it’s just another example of Thrones’ relentless punishment, to us as an audience. ‘You know what, you thought there was a heaven? There’s no heaven. Get over it.’”

You can watch the full interview below.