Sexy Fitness Model Proves That Angles Matter When It Comes to How Your Body Looks

Even the tightest bodies have their moments of flab, so don’t stress, ladies. You’re hawt no matter what. Trust me. We’re men — and we’re not very difficult to please. This is precisely the case for super-tight fit and brick-layed bad-ass fitness model Anna Victoria proving that photo angles do make a difference when it comes to photo shoots, as shown here:

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That is herĀ real gut you’re looking at. Still doesn’t detract from her hotness, obviously — but here’s the point.

No matter what, babe, your body’s going to be a hot piece of paradise to just aboutĀ any guy (especially a desperate one like me). So don’t stress over the whole flat stomach thing.

So what if your boobs or butt don’t look like what they look like as in the Bruna twins. Just another testament as how someone like Iskra Lawrence can break the mold and the illusion of model shoots like she did here.

Now for some more hot pics of the super-cut Anna Victoria. Click NEXT below: