Meet The Modern Day Business Woman: Tash Oakley

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What a wonderful thing entrepreneurship is. Especially when it involves Instafame model Natasha “Tash” Oakley. Miss Oakley is the co-founder of “A Bikini A Day”.

Not following how she is a business woman because you are still drooling? Bikini companies pay Tash Oakley to pose in their bikini’s and post them to her social media pages while giving the brand who sent her the swim wear a shout out and with over 400 Thousand followers this curvy Australian broad has become a major force in the swimwear business.

That’s right, Tash Oakley has turned posing in bikini’s into a profitable business. This provides a perfect excuse for any guy in a committed relationship to follow Tash. Excuse A: I’m a business major. Excuse B: “Baby, I was just following her so I knew which bikini you wanted for this summer”.

Once you pick your jaw up and stop wondering if this business woman wears these bikini’s in the board room, or how many squats she does a day to maintain a back side like that check out more of her photos on Instagram or as I like to call them “Business Strategies”. A Bikini A Day