WWE Diva Maryse Has Been Looking Wickedly Hot In A Bikini These Days

And not just Maryse, but one red-haired beauty by the name of Eva Marie, and channeling a little bit of Baywatch (coming to a theater near you, featuring one Alexandra Daddario and a guy named Johnson). We normally don’t see this from a WWE diva, so it’s a wonderful thing when we do. But we’ve got to tell you — a tan blondie’s fun to look at especially when all the itty bitties are covered up with little pieces of cotton like you see here:

Well, she could ditch the shorts, too. If she really wanted. Won’t complain one bit.

It’s nice to see Maryse still doing her thing, and it’s nice to see her back in the ring (sort of) as the Miz’s main squeeze (in ring and in real life, obviously). We could do without the Miz, but as long as we get to feast our eyes on Maryse, we’re happy.

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