That Mexican Cop That Was Fired For Her Nudes Is Going On A Strip Club Tour

Remember that cop that got fired a few weeks ago for posting a topless shot in the back of her cop car? Well she was soon fired after that and is looking for work. Good thing when you go viral for such a thing there are offers lined up at your door. She has a Facebook page with over 100k likes now and she is really embracing the internet fame.

When you post pics like this, it’s not that hard to gain fans:

This is what she has to say about the whole thing according to huh Fox News…:

Soon after, García Montoya announced that she was going on tour at a lap dancing club, while showing off her ample assets in a plunging blue dress and admitting that she would one day like to pose for Playboy.

García Montoya, who will appear under the clever stage name Polisex, is a 24-year-old mother of two daughters. She said her family supports her change of career.

“I’ve just given birth to a child so I’m a bit chubby and having difficulties getting rid of my belly but I’m not famous enough to have a perfect body,” she said on Facebook. “I’m ugly and I admit it but it’s better to accept it than hide behind something you’re not.”

Her fans don’t think so but take a look for yourself here!