Miami Is Officially The Worst City In America, And We Honestly Don’t Know Why

We’re serious: Miami even beat out typical contenders like Flint and Detroit, Michigan. That’s right: a sunny state like Florida just lost to the Mitten. Go figure. How can a place with so many bikini babes be the worst city to live in? Well, here are the reasons according to a study done by 24/7 Wall Street:


The study was done monitoring many factors including swanky restaurants and employment growth (sadly, not breast implants or other cosmetic surgeries, but okay). The biggest deciding factor for many cities, though, was income, and apparently Miami has the worst gap ever.

The city’s average income per person is $31,917 annually. That’s way below the national average of $53,657, and Miami’s top 1% earns only $2MM a year. The sad thing is the city’s property prices hit the mark of $245K, which is WAY above the national average of $181,200. So in other words…. People aren’t getting paid enough to make their mortgage payments in Miami. Maybe they’re spending all their money on the cosmetic surgery and high-priced bikinis. It sucks.