Mom’s Brain Disorder Makes Her Strip In Public

That’s giving me a brain disorder bigger than a laughing bitch suffering from Tourette’s, man. A mom who blacks out for up to a half-hour due to a seizure and finds herself completely naked: in a perfect world, this really wouldn’t be a problem, especially if the mom’s a freakin’ MILF! But because we live in reality, images like this happening in the middle of Central Park, Times Square, in NYC would be nothing but a dream and would only happen in your old VHS porn tapes:

mom's brain disorder-1

Leanne Lyon, 41, of New Duston, unfortunately lives the reality of a non-cancerous brain tumor triggering such seizures at most five times a day, rendering her completely null and void of the real world and waking up to find herself in her skivvies and oftentimes in the lobby of a taxi’s office. It’s not exactly the best of situations, and it’s even ruined her marriage as well as lost her her job due to “scaring her boss.”

Again, it’s a travesty…. I don’t see what the big deal everyone would have over a woman suddenly losing it and getting naked. Just enjoy the view and get on with it. It would become substantial knowledge that she does have a ‘condition’, and we go on with our lives, making sure she’s safe (and beautifully naked, of course). Hell, why would the husband have a problem with this?? Just have someone get the groceries for her, let her be outside in the backyard, and she can strip naked. Enjoy the scenery and relieve some steam as she rests in her imposed slumber. Not hard (well, hard and rigid in other ways).

Alas, this is the real world…. And the real world sucks. And other people really suck.