Here Are THE Netflix Secrets to Super-Power Your Binge-Watching Needs

With Netflix as a household name just as common as a light bulb, you have to wonder if there’s a certain skill to effective digital streaming. And there is. It’s one thing to just pick and choose your next episode of Marvel’s “Daredevil” after spending a good hour trying to find it on your account. It’s a whole new ball-game, though, with these Netflix secrets. Check it out.


  • Stop the Buffering! — And you can actually do that with Netflix by opening up the HD Toggle and setting a global video quality. If the bandwidth traffic’s crazy, you’ll still be watching them shows without the buffering bar constantly showing up.
  • Just Turn Off the “Play the Next Episode” Feature — You really don’t need it. Well, maybe you do if you just want to freakin’ sleep through all your damn shows and movies.
  • Get the Netflix Enhancement Suite — Pretty snazzy little thing that you can get on Google Chrome and install it directly for some premium data — IMDB scores, Rotten Tomatoes, even trailers — to help you locate all the shows and movies a lot quicker than before through even more efficient matching. Don’t use Chrome? That’s all right. Firefox has something called Netflix Plus.
  • Tweak the Subtitles — If you like the foreign movie variety — especially Kung Fu awesomeness — know this. Those subtitles can be modified! There’s a whole menu hidden there where you can even adjust the color, size, background and even a drop shadow.
  • And Read Your Netflix Bible — Believe me, there is one. It’s actually¬†called that, too. It was published out there for everyone to use, with every single Netflix genre code (20K codes total) for you to use. Anything and everything you could ever want to find, giving you access to all those sorts of movies and TV shows without having to dig too deep. Awesomeness.