Draymond Green Stuck Around To Hug Lebron And Congratulate Him On The Cavs’ First Championship

A lot has been said about Draymond Green and his character during the NBA playoffs.

Most of it is totally justified of course. However, the guy at the end of the day is still classy.

After the Cavs brought Ohio their first championship in over 50 years, most of the Warriors retreated to the locker room to sulk.

Draymond Green however made sure to stick around long enough to congratulate Lebron James on his 3rd title.

Green and James had a scuffle in game 4 where Draymond allegedly called Lebron a ‘bitch.’ Green was suspended for actions committed during that exchange.

However it was all love in the end.

Good for Draymond. You want these guys to compete as hard as they can, but it’s nice that they can put that aside when the game is over.