Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Just Got Fired From His Job For Being A Freakin’ Moron

Omar Mateen really is a complete mental case, paramecium-brained maggot burger with no sense of self and a walking phallus head. And that’s a compliment to him, actually, because we like to give many monster d*cks like him the benefit of the doubt and say that he maybe has at least a brain disorder causing him to f*ck up like that one dude did regarding Planned Parenthood. But MAYBE we give too much credit to those morons, especially after you hear this story:

Omar Mateen-1

Apparently Mateen was recently fired from a position he held with the Florida Department of Corrections, not because he opened fire at a club and made history as the man behind the worst shooting ever in our nation. No, that would make too much sense, right?

Instead he was fired for being a dumbass by asking a fellow recruit if that person would tell anyone “if he was to bring a gun to school.” Are you f*cking kidding me?

That’s the equivalent of a high school student asking a teacher if he could get a blow job in the teacher’s lounge and not tell anyone about it. Seriously.

Still…. It’s a perfectly good reason to be fired. Well, he could’ve been fired a lot sooner! But this is just the main reason why Omar isn’t just a criminal, but a complete moron. Good luck in prison, dude. Hope you get ass-raped.