Overweight Girl Since the Age of 8 Gets Ripped in 2 Years and Looks Hot

In all fairness, this chick by the name of Kellilendman on Reddit didn’t look all too bad back in the day with the natural curves and busty profile — but, hey, each to her own. If your goal is to be a badass WWE diva hopeful, go for it, because when you see these pics, you’ll be stunned at just how she accomplished the cutdown on her weight and the adding of some serious amazon muscle.


Quite the hottie back in the day, yes. But I’d guess it’s even hotter to find a girl not only naturally beautiful regardless of the weight, but so tenacious to maximize the hotness and streamline that figure down to just one massively tight muscle of curves.

She apparently had been weightlifting for over four years after realizing her typical method of crash dieting wasn’t working. She went to the gym 5-6 times a week, working in three to four 15-minute sessions on a stairmaster and cardio.

Want to know where he weight is right now? A healthy 140-145 pounds, but she hopes to lose just another 5-7 pounds.

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