Pau Gasol May Freeze His Jizz Before Competing At The Rio Olympics, And Here’s Why

I honestly never thought of this route to go when preserving your chance of having ‘healthy’ children. Maybe we should all just spooge in cups, freeze them in our fridge, and ensure the survival of our bloodlines. That’s the case for one Olympian by the name of Pau Gasol, and guess why he’s possibly freezing his sperm.


Because of the Zika virus. That’s right. Think about it. The Olympics will be in Brazil, and apparently this virus prevalent among mosquitoes in that country has the ability to cause serious birth defects in babies. Just in case Gasol wants to have children in the future, and he contracts the virus, he still has a shot (well, MANY c*m shots) in impregnating a future wife.

Smart thinking there. And apparently many other Olympians are following suit, creating some big revenue for those sperm banks everywhere.