Ray Donovan Set To Return This Summer

Still bitching about how nothing will ever be as good as The Sopranos or The Wire? Or maybe you decided to boycott Boardwalk Empire after they killed off Jimmy? (spoiler alert for anybody two seasons behind). My answer to you is Ray Donovan, a bad ass Irish boxer from Boston (Southie) who lives in Los Angeles and works as a “fixer”. That’s right, he is the dude your favorite actor calls when they wake up to a hooker that is not breathing because she may have overdosed on coke.

Ray Donovan was renewed for a second season only after airing about half the season last summer and now Showtime has gone ahead and given season two of the show a start date of July 2014. This gives you plenty of time to catch up on season one of what appears to be a very promising series Showtime has produced. Jon Voight won an Emmy for his supporting role in the show and insiders are already buzzing about how great the second seasons script it.

Lets face it we all love rooting for the “tragic hero” and while Liev Schreiber has a long way to go before his character ┬áRay reaches the level of the pop culture icon who is Tony Soprano , Ray Donovan shows the potential to be something great. The only reason to not give Ray Donovan a chance is because you’re still mad Liev put a ring on Naomi Watts before you did.