You’ll Freak At This Video Of A REAL LIFE Wave Pool, Making Water Parks Look Tame

F*ck those stupid kiddie pools. The ones where you sit in your dinky little floating donut with some shades on, looking all cool, and the engine revs from behind that wall to create simulated waves as all the hot girls crowd around you. Yeah, sure, you think you’re the top sh*t, and you’ve got LOTS of money to waste on these water parks, but THESE dudes have got the best of you now. Check it out:

Apparently this is called the “Pool of Death.” For obvious reasons. Because f*ck nuggets want the thrill of their lives as they’re sent to and fro crashing in the foam of God’s ravaging waters potentially busting their skulls on the jagged stone on either side of Poseidon’s bunghole. In fact, that’s what I, personally, will call this “pool of death.” Poseidon’s bunghole.