Spencer Tunick Will Have 100 Women Pose Nude for the Republican National Convention

You heard correctly, and due to the NSFW warning we have here, YES that headline image is of a bunch of naked women on a very thin bridge! Go crazy with that…. But it’s not what you think.

Republican National Convention-1

Meet Spencer Tunick, world-renowned nude photographer, not of just one or two women, but potentially hundreds, maybe thousands of women (and men). He creates geological “installations,” much like architecture, but with the human body in strange, yet compelling fashions to create ART. Aaaah, yes. Art with racks, snatches, taints and dongs.

This is a guy who’s seen more naked women than Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt combined. And he’s apparently going to be doing another installation with 100 women at — you guessed it — the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION. Talk about making a political statement.

Want to see more of his work? Click NEXT below:

Republican National Convention-5