School Bus Driver Allegedly Sent Nude Snapchats To Student, Who She Then Banged

It’s not just teachers banging students, this time a school bus driver is in trouble for having inappropriate relations with underage kids.

According to The Mirror, school bus driver Wendy Valero allegedly stripped nearly naked and performed a sex act on a 14 year old student in the bathroom.

Valero also allegedly had sex with another student after sending him nude photos on the popular app Snapchat.

The victim told police they had full intercourse and she drove him home after he pushed her off.

school bus driver

Valero allegedly sent him pictures of her breasts and asked for a dick pic in return.

They exchanged similar messages before Valero sent him full nudes.

The pair then allegedly met and had sex in the bathroom of her Middletown, Connecticut home.

She allegedly believed he was 16 but ‘looked’ 18. She is currently being investigated and she is in deep shit.