Shot Glasses For Harambe Raised A Staggering Amount Of Money On Kickstarter

Shot glasses are the latest Harambe related effort that has gone viral across the web.

‘Shots Out for Harambe’ was added to Kickstarter in order to sell shot glasses depicting the fallen hero.

‘Harambe took a shot for us and we must take a shot for Harambe.’

That was the tagline on the crowdfunded page. The Harambe train has been really good for those looking to raise their profile and make some money.
For instance, pro golfer Smylie Kaufma transcended his slumber-inducing sport by creating this RIP Harambe-branded wedge.
He likely would have remained pop culturally anonymous had he not whipped out his clubs for Harambe.

Nicholas Verity and two friends are the latest to hop on the Harambe bandwagon.

Their “shots for Harambe” Kickstarter has taken off faster than the speed of light. While I’m writing this, the Kickstarter has raised over $22,000—far exceeding their modest goal of just $1,500.

shot glasses

The team said:

“The idea mostly came to us as a joke when we were having some drinks at a friend’s house. The conversation was something along the lines of: ‘Richie let’s take a shot!’ ‘I’ll take a shot if it’s for Harambe.’ ‘True, he took one for us!'”

Based on feedback from their friends there was genuine interest in the idea.

So the team researched to see how feasible it would be to craft shot glasses emblazoned with the joke and visage of Harambe on them. Not only was it viable, but it turns out it’s exactly what the heartbroken masses needed.

The team owes some inspiration to the Dicks out for Harambe movement.

“[It] has humanized Harambe and unintentionally raised awareness for issues around animals. Our product combines the satirical and humanitarian side of Harambe’s story and can help fuel and celebrate his movement.”