Suicidal Skinny Dude Bullied In Class Now Looks Ripped As F*ck In This Insane Video

Meet David Wang. The traditional kid at the age of 12 who had been bullied his entire life until he tried getting some training going to get himself ripped. Started with push-ups. We applaud his tenacity and drive. But who would’ve thought he would take that drive, multiply it by fifteen-f*cking-hundred, and juice himself up with imaginary steroids like you wouldn’t believe? I mean, the guy’s a freakin’ terminator, and not just on how he looks, but on his regimen. It’s ridiculous.

For starters, when he turned 16, this is a general rundown of his workout regimen, which included some diet parameters:

-From 16 – 17, I consumed around 3000 calories a day as this allowed me to make significant noob gains. However, I modified my caloric intake as I saw fit based on my progress. If my weight was stalling or I was not seeing strength gains, I slightly increased my calories to allow for a slightly greater surplus. However, I aimed to always stay fairly lean. I gauged this by my overall definition (mostly abs) and weight. If I wanted to get leaner, I tracked macros and adjusted accordingly to allow for a caloric deficit and gauged progress by weight and how I looked.

Call me crazy, but this all sounds like he REALLY is a machine, or an engineer. A ripped-as-f*ck machinery engineer. Never heard anyone talk about exercise and abs like they were hard wires and equipment. Well, if it works…. Maybe I should start getting mechanical like that! I’ll have abs like that, too….