Removing Smartphones From Photos Shows How Obsessed We’ve Become

It becomes apparent with each passing day that we’re addicted to smartphones. 

Technology as a whole has captured our dwindling attention spans. Previously people would spend a startling amount of time watching TV, but now those numbers have largely transferred to the screens of computers, smartphones, and tablets.

I’m still old enough to remember seeing couples holding hands and talking to each other. Now it isn’t uncommon to see both of them still holding hands, but staring at their smartphones the entire time.

We passively seem to accept this peculiarity as it’s so common place, but photographer Eric Pickersgill has brilliantly captured just how bad its gotten with his stunning photo series.

For his ‘Removed’ photo series, Eric captured the essence of a society obsessed with visual stimulation by removing the phones from people’s hands so we can see how odd it truly looks.