Spend 10 Minutes With The Guy Who Currently Runs The Rap Game

Dijon McFarlane AKA DJ Mustard aka “Muzzzatuhh on da beat Hoe!” Has practically been owning the radio over the past couple of months. Most recently the track he produced for Kid Ink “Show Me” hit #1 on the urban charts.

In this interview DJ Mustard talk about his production style, switching it up and also plays the original version of “Sanctified” which was hands down the best song on Rick Ross’s album. Mustard also talks about giving Kanye 100 beats for his new album, and briefly discusses his upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber, which Bieber previewed on his Instagram a few weeks back.

Who would have thought the guy who produced “Rack City” and “Im Different” would make it this far? Not me! Many people have been critical of Mustard saying all of his beats sound the same and his production style is cheap and lazy. At the end of the day DJ Mustard makes simple, effective catchy beats which is practically what the radio is made for. Check out Dijon’s sit-down below.