Super-Hot Sports Reporter Flashes Panties On TV Show, And It Made Us Do A Double-Take

The tough thing about transitioning from the whole lingerie modeling gig into sports reporting (or meteorology like this lady) is that you somehow still have this undeniable urge to TAKE CLOTHES OFF. I think that’s what’s been happening to miss Alina Moine, a Fox Sports reporter hailing from Argentina (AYE PAPI….). Check it out:

Did you catch that?? The video slows it down, of course, just so you can see. We’re thinking it was a complete accident, the fabric getting caught in her nails. And you can visibly see her trying to play it off as if she didn’t notice that her undies were on display for all to see. Here’s the thing, though:

She¬†was a lingerie model! So it makes sense! Alina Moine, don’t be embarrassed. It’s who you are. You’re hot. And for those who don’t believe me, click NEXT below just to see for yourself: