Cocky Tatted MMA Fighter Acts Tough At Staredown Gets Defeated In 20 Seconds During Fight

Now this is something that everyone can enjoy. A dude who clearly spends his entire fight purse on inking up every inch of his body, getting his ass handed to him.

Julian “The Jackal” Julz is that tatted up belt holder who portrays himself as the ultimate douchebag during the staredown. Putting his fist to the face of Ben “10” Nguyen, who somehow manages to keep his cool. Then in the ultimate payback Nguyen beats the living crap out of Julz in 20 seconds (still has nothing on Ronda).

Here’s the video plus a few interview questions from Julian to Ben over at Elite Daily.

On what was going through his mind during the weigh-in:

He talked a lot of trash up until the fight. I just remember thinking, ‘Keep cool Ben, save it for tomorrow.’ Thank god I did.

On if he’s ever been disrespected like that before:

This was the first time I’ve encountered this type of behavior but I don’t pay any attention to it. I’ve always looked up to Solid Snake from MGS and thought ‘wish I could be like him’ or ‘what would Snake do in this situation.’

On if he came close to punching him during the weigh-in:

Not at all. I knew I had a lot of punching to do the next day.