Ronda Rousey Lands At LAX, Covers Face With Pillow Entire Time

Man, this one hurts me to even post. I’m a Ronda super-fan and way before the media circus begin pumping her onto our social feeds. (I even watched the entire women-only seasons of the The Ultimate Fighter). Seeing her absolutely devastated and scared to show her battle wounded face is just heartbreaking. She knows that if the media even catches a glimpse… she will suffer through 100s and even 1000s of memes making fun of her.

It’s reported that immediately following her shocking knockout at the hands of Holly Holm, Ronda required some minor plastic surgery on her lip. She followed that up with an IG post the next day, saying she would be back.

Here we have a TMZ reporter and tons of others yelling questions at Ronda as she makes her way to her vehicle with boyfriend Travis Browne. The entire way her face is covered with a pillow and she has to be led blindly to the car. I doubt the bruising is THAT bad, she’s just ashamed and probably can’t face being seen in her current state.