Ronda Rousey Goes On Tirade About Bullshit Marijuana Testing

Cool. So the deadliest and most attractive chick in sports not only has sex before fights, plays World of Warcraft, has her own porn parody, agrees to go on dates with marines, oh and apparently is super cool with marijuana being smoked. Do you just want men to obsess over you continuously??? My heart can’t take it.

This all happened during a press conference for her upcoming destruction of UFC Fighter and champion kick boxer Holly Holms. She gets  asked a question and then just immediately somehow flips it into a discussion about her opinion on the Nick Diaz suspension. Which if you don’t follow MMA, basically Diaz tested positive for marijuana for the third time and was basically given a lifetime ban (5 years at his age is the same sentence).  There was some controversy as he passed two tests for marijuana, but then a 3rd test managed to show levels that the previous didn’t and instead of throwing it our or retesting they gave him this atrocious ban.