Ronda Rousey Told Ellen She Thought About Suicide After The Holm Fight

Ronda Rousey is a bad bitch, and she’s tough as nails but she shocked the world when she recently went on the Ellen show and said that she was considering suicide after her defeat to Holly Holm. In the video she breaks down at about 3:30 and says that “nobody gives a shit about me without this”. And then she looked up and saw her man and thought to herself “I need to have his babies, I need to keep living”. Because holy hell sometimes the roles are reversed.

So if you’re a guy that watches MMA and thinks that the women are just a sidecard, that they don’t really matter you’ve got to give this girl a ton of respect. She was an Olympic silver medalist before she got into MMA and she defended her title three times in nine months which is almost unheard of in the UFC. It’s crazy to see a fighter like Ronda Rousey breaking down like this when we’ve got Conor MacGregor running around and saying that he’s unbeatable (which everybody thought Ronda Rousey was).

The UFC is a mixed up and crazy world where anything can happen and I have no doubt that if she continues to keep fighting she’s going to be dominant. I know we post a lot of stuff about her being smoking hot (because she is smoking hot), but we’ve also got to respect her as a fighter since she’d probably beat the hell out of any one of us.