UFC Just Announced Arguably Their Best Card Ever For UFC 187

Holy cajoles batman. This is one of those fights that even if you aren’t an avid fan you have to recognize the names and realize what a big deal this is.



We have not 1 but 2 title fights taking place.  The long-awaited Bones vs. Rumble bout for the Light Heavyweight Belt. Then Belfort finally gets his shot at Weidman.  Both of these are something fans have been dying for.

Not only do we get two great title fights but we are also gifted with Cerrone vs. Nurmagomedov.  Cerrone is fresh off two wins in literally 16 days in January.  Took down highly touted Myles Jury and then accepted another fight which he controversially won against Benson Henderson.  Dana White loves fighters who will fight at a moment’s notice and #3 Cerrone is being rewarded with another fight that should lead to a title fight

Browne vs. Arlovski is going to be a BRAWL. If you don’t know their histories I’m just going to suggest heading over to YouTube.  Mark May 23rd on your calendar!

Also if you want more in-depth analysis go check out Okamoto’s preview on ESPN.