Stephen Colbert Gets His “Guns Cocked” Over The Senate Not Passing Those Gun-Control Laws

There are very few TV personalities out there who will rip new assholes like roto-tillers on Kylie Jenner’s butt, and one would think Stephen Colbert isn’t one of them. Seriously. Look at the guy. He’s freakin’ harmless. He looks like a studious librarian with maybe an inner urge to f*ck Elle Fanning in the back of a Dodge Caravan at the very least, and that’s saying something. Sure, he’s funny as Hell — but he’ll be the last person to start going off on tangents or tearing up some sh*t over a hot topic — like gun control.

We were wrong. Check out this latest clip as he literally TACKLES the topic.

God damn, man…. Go easy on that ass. There’s no doubt that the Senate pretty much sat on those asses, too, and for sure Colbert’s got the hot opinion given the events at Orlando, California — and just about anywhere else. Still it was funny sh*t hearing all of this, because for crying out loud, it’s true. But this is just one example of how you really shouldn’t f*ck with Stephen Colbert. He will mess your sh*t up like a muthaf*cka.