Sugar Kills Gains and Sex Drive

All people are different, but many of us and our bros suffer from two common things: Lack of energy and plateaus. There are no sure fire ways to solve every problem, but unleashing these new Monster Ultra flavors into your life are a good place to start. Every mom on the planet will tell you energy drinks are bad, but be realistic, when you are on the go non-stop your energy will take the hit. So if you cut out the big bad sugar, calories and carbs you’re left with this line of Monster that does the trick to give you enough energy to impress a girl in the sack and hit the gym all in the same day.

Maintaining energy throughout your day is crucial. Sugar loaded drinks add unnecessary calories to your diet, thus making it harder to get past those plateaus when it comes to weight loss. Not only can they kill your gains, but also your sex drive. Dr. Mark Hyman released a study on the negative effects of sugar to your libido and testosterone levels. Young buck that is flabby AND can’t perform, sound like the life you want? In other words, unleash the monster in the bedroom by cutting out unnecessary sugars, and it’ll also help eliminate calories to help kill off that fat before summertime. Slay it in the sack, kill it in the gym.