Get Ready To Jump For Joy: That ‘Tetris’ Movie You Heard About Will Be a TRILOGY

Seriously, what’s going on with Hollywood and the craze of the video game adaptation?? Haven’t we had enough after seeing Mortal Kombat turned to fodder? And don’t get me started with Street Fighter either. Still, you’ve got some interesting numbers out there with the likes of “Angry Birds” making a killing, and even the new film “Assassin’s Creed” shows some promise. But Tetris? Really?


We might’ve already heard about this, albeit with skepticism thinking this was just some sort of creative pipe dream and a “what if?” possibility never actually coming to fruition. So much goes to the making of a movie that many ideas never end up seeing the light of day. But it seems now that a Tetris movie is definitely in the works, and not just one movie — but THREE. As in a TRILOGY.

Oh, shoot me now, please.