These Costumes Mean They’re Most Likely ‘DTF’

Halloween is perhaps the greatest day of the year. Especially if you’re not tied to one girl. Your eyes get to wander aimlessly as countless sexy women dressed in anything(practically nothing)possible walk on by. You’re out with your friends, had way too much to drink, and literally getting turned on by all the sexiness walking by.

The great people over at, a date auction website surveyed their users to what they thought was the most ‘DTF’ costume a woman would wear. The list might shock you but yet again, it might give you a new perspective for this Halloween.

Top Halloween Costumes of 2015 – DTF Rating
1 Kylie Jenner – 81%
2 Khaleesi – 76%
3 Princess Leia – 67%
4 Sexy Nurse – 59%
5 Elsa from “Frozen” – 44%
6 Nicki Minaj – 38%
7 Wonder Woman – 33%
8 Cher from “Clueless” – 24%
9 Minions from “Despicable Me” – 17%
10 Hillary Clinton – 12%