This Aussie Couple Is Documenting Their Sex Life On Instagram

Their names are Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang and they’ve decided to use Instagram for the real reason that it was created, to document their sex life. The couple are a few Aussie’s who have around 180,000 followers on Instagram. Or at least they did until a picture of Sally with her hands tied behind her back was posted on the app and it was reported then taken down. She was upset because to her and Mr. Gobel, sex is something a lot more akin to art than dirty porn. But, of course, when you’re posting softcore bondage on your Instagram, a few people might take it the wrong way.
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Their posts also include some pretty raunchy details which read a bit like a hippie version of 50 Shades of Grey. In one post she wrote:

Gypsy, come outside. .” It wasn’t a request, but more so an order.

‘He was dazzling as ever with his green eyes, bladed cheekbones and full lips. His face belonged on a movie set. .. Lucky me.

‘I put on some stockings just for fun and to be honest I knew it made the whole deal a little more special to regular afternoon sex.

‘Our outdoor couch is surrounded by plants it’s a beautiful setting, for a beautiful experience.’

And that kind of thing doesn’t really fly on Instagram. Even if you’re Australian and you have some sort of enlightened understanding of sex, there are going to be a few prudes that only think it should be used for bathroom selfies and images of food.
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Screen shot 2016-02-18 at 10.08.46 PM