This Woman Was Flashing Flight Attendants And Throwing Soda Cans

In this day and age you can’t be to careful when it comes to airline safety. Cavity searches and all, there’s so much that you can’t bring or do on to an airplane. So naturally when someone is vaping on a plane they get asked to stop, doesn’t seem too crazy right?

Well on a flight going from Las Vegas to Hawaii, which should be the first sign of trouble, a woman was asked to do just that. Kristen Sharp, a Realtor, admitted to smoking an e-cig but when the attendant asked her to stop she did… However she denies the different claims of her smoking the e-cig during the flight, throwing a soda can and flashing the flight
attendant, and being “belligerently drunk.”

Sharp was detained by the FBI when she landed in Honolulu. She has since been released.