We Bet You’ve NEVER Heard Of This New Documentary Called “Tickled,” And It’ll Weird You Out

This sort of dropped on everyone’s cinematic lap in a big way as a major wake-up call to how our competition-fueled market of sports and games has evolved. This film “Tickled” is literally about that: tickling, but there’s so much more to it:


It’s a documentary about the cutthroat world of competitive “tickling.” That’s right — there are tickling competitions out there, focused on endurance, and it’s pretty interesting in a dark, absurd, almost perverse way. Even crazier was the digging and digging of journalists to find out what this competitive world is really like, and apparently one writer found a lot of brick walls as to how this sport operates. It’s seemingly exploitative, dabbling in profit, blackmail, bullying, and even international scheming.

Cheerleading, watch out. This sport gets even nastier, apparently.