Drunk Dude Learns Huge Lesson The Next Day After Telling Lies To His Uber Driver

Usually some stuff you can say to an Uber driver won’t hurt — like how you did Ecstasy and Mollie at the same time while wearing a tutu. Doesn’t really matter to the Uber driver, plus you may not see that same Uber driver again in the near future. However, THIS drunk dude f*cked up royally by spilling his guts out about his golf game (yes, his golf game), and this is how it all turned out:

Uber Driver-1

Of course, the drunk idiot was talking up a good golf game (except he was apparently NOWHERE NEAR good at it), saying that he played at a couple pro tournaments and even knows the President of the local country club (also bullsh*t). The Uber driver, however, took it seriously and thought the drunk guy could help him out with his swing, which of course given he was drunk off his ass, he agreed. Not a smart move.

So he wakes up the next morning and goes to work four hours later after hearing about the Uber adventure only to find some guy at work’s looking for him. It was the Uber driver, strangely enough, asking him about how he can help out with his golf game. You can figure out the rest as the drunk idiot had to squash the poor driver’s dreams about how to get his driver down the green the right way. Sad.