Watch This Hilarious Video of Aziz Ansari Reading Cringe-Worthy First Texts

If you don’t watch the late shows you’re not really missing much, or at least I don’t watch them and I don’t really give a damn. It’s the same kind of thing, Conan or Fallon comes on with some celebrity. They talk about their “situation in life” then they spice it up a little bit, talk about something risque. Then the host returns to the “situation in life” segment to give the celebrity a chance to plug the movie or album that they’re working on. It an extremely simple formula, but every once in a while there’s a moment of hilarity. On last night’s Jimmy Fallon the guest was Aziz Ansari and he was plugging his new movie. Part of the movie plays on that “awkward first text” phase that every couple must endure. Ansari states that for the movie they actually did research and gathered first texts from real people. Some of these are priceless.