Dramatic Weight Loss Transformations That Will Inspire You To Get Fit

The summer is all about weight loss aspirations. Everybody wants to get in good enough shape to go to the beach without wearing a large T-shirt.

Many unfortunately fail to live up to those goals, but it’s the effort that counts.

Others succeed, but now comes the hard part. The summer is almost over and winter will make weight loss a lot more difficult.

You need some motivation, and one of the things that gets me pumped up is dramatic body transformations.

Perhaps my favorite of all time is the story of Adonis Hill. Remember him?

weight loss

He’s the 35-year-old personal trainer from Brooklyn that made headlines several months ago because of his insane story.

Adonis became a personal trainer after losing 100 pounds that he gained after a period of depression that stemmed from a failed business venture.

After becoming a body builder and personal trainer, Adonis was offered a role on the A&E show ‘Fit to Fat to Fit.’

For the show Adonis agreed to gain 70 pounds so that he could lose weight at the same time as his client.

weight loss