Why Russian Women Make Good Wives

So you’ve almost made up your mind to propose to a Russian girl whom you’ve been dating for a long time. If you still have some doubts and need some more evidence that you’re doing everything right, read the following merits and make sure once more that Russian ladies are good matches.

Family orientation. Despite the fact that Russian women are well-educated and want to make their way in the world, they will sacrifice their successful careers and will decide to be caring wives and mothers. The family is still the top priority in life for those women. The situation is different in western countries where more and more women often refuse to dedicate their life to family and make their choice in favor of their careers. It doesn’t automatically mean that all women in Russia are housewives. The majority of women manage to be successful both at work and at home. However, when it comes to choosing between the career and family, she will always give up the first and will decide in favor of her husband and children.

Loyalty. Once a Russian woman is married, her husband becomes the main person in her life. There is a saying stating that a Russian woman can enter the burning house and stop a galloping horse. Although this phrase is used in different contexts, the truth is that she will do all those things for the one she really loves. She will be with her husband through thick and thin and will follow him to the ends of the world. Russian women don’t belong to that type of women who’ll demand a divorce after the first minor fight. When they are in love, they’ll do everything to save the marriage: forgive, turn a blind eye to their husbands’ faults, and again forgive. Russian women are taught by their parents that one should marry somebody once and for all. It’s always easier to throw away than fix a broken thing; the same can be said about the relationships. What Slavic wives do is fixing until parting is inevitable.

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Maternal love. Along with being a loyal and tender wife, a Russian girl will make a good mother for your children. Unlike many European women who consciously choose a child-free way of life, Russian women sincerely want to have children. Their wish is predetermined by the traditional view on the woman’s mission on the Earth that has lived through generations. A woman has been long considered as a transmitter of life. She is responsible for giving birth to a son or daughter who will in their turn give birth the next generation of the family. Maternal love is unconditional and whole-hearted. It is especially strong in Russian women. Once a child appears in a new family, a husband should be prepared that the main person in his woman’s life from that moment will be their child. No need to worry: her love will suffice for the whole family.

Thrift. Russian wives can be praised for their thrift. They have been taught from their childhood that a penny saved is a penny gained (in Russia it’s not actually a penny but a kopeck). Russian women manage to live on a budget without feeling any need. They know where to buy cheaper food, clothes, and other stuff. As a head of the family, you needn’t worry about your money. With a Russian wife your house will be always tidy and clean, the fridge will be full of food, children will be well dressed, and a household budget won’t be exceeded.

Cooking skills. Cookery is something that Russian women are exclusively good at. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then be prepared to give your heart to your Russian wife. Russian families don’t go to the restaurants and prefer eating at home. Recipes of all conceivable dishes are passed on from the previous generations to young girls. You’ll never be hungry because you’ll have to taste everything that your wife or mother-in-law cooked; otherwise they will take offense. Russian cuisine is nourishing and mainly mayo-containing so it will take you some time to adjust your organism to this food.

Tact and honesty. The strongest relationships are those based on the friendship between a wife and husband. Russian women are not only passionate lovers but also loyal friends for their spouses. They will listen to their men and do everything to support them in a difficult situation.