Why Women In Their Early 20’s Don’t Actually WANT A Boyfriend

Love is great. No, no let me try that again. Being in love is fucking awesome! But a relationship can only blossom when you’re ready for it. But you are not ready.

Your early 20’s are intended for self-discovery, making unbelievably stupid decisions, and being a total hot mess. These escapades are based in the foundation of selfishness, which you are entitled to as a woman in her early 20’s.

Ladies, let’s look back into the past few years of your life. You’ve moved out, or maybe dealt with family crisis, or maybe lost friends. But guess who had your back the entire time? You.

You know how it is. You’re on your grind, applying to grad schools, getting promoted, or maybe moving. You’re all about you right now and it’s not a bad thing.

You are an emotionally stable person who does not need the compassion of another to get through things. You got a hold on this and you don’t exactly have the capacity to baby another human being. Let’s be honest, ladies. Having a boyfriend can be like babysitting at times.