We Can’t Believe Where A Couple Got Caught Doing The Deed

Some people have sex on airplanes, some in the ocean, some on ferris wheels. One couple from New York decided to make the most out of their Vegas vacation by consummating their relationship on the tallest ferris wheel in the world, which towers 550 feet above the Las Vegas strip. Which honestly, is one of the more beautiful places to bump uglies. The ferris wheel has “pods” instead of the boring seats that we’re all used to and these two decided to use the pods to their full potential.

They were caught in the act on video on surveillance tapes and by another group in a nearby pod. Because if you can’t be having sex on a ferris wheel, you better be video taping two other people having sex on the world’s tallest ferris wheel. When the ride (the ferris wheel not the sex) ended, they were both arrested and eventually released on $3,000 bail. Apparently, security warned the couple to stop but they were too in-the-moment.

The judge is trying to settle the matter without a jury, probably because any jury that was summoned in Las Vegas would be reasonably sympathetic to these two. No word on if they got married also while they were in Vegas.