new fashion brands

New Fashion Brands

Before we dive in these new upcoming fashion brands, it’s really important to know what fashion is and what is the importance of it. So, fashion is a language in which every person can express themselves, and it’s much more than just pieces of clothing, mainly because an outfit can tell a lot about the feelings, the personality or the mood of someone. This way of self-expression can be influenced by culture, religion, political figures, or even icons, such as musicians and actors. Fashion is the perfect way to celebrate diversity, as each person chooses what to dress, with no rules and a lot of creativity.

The fashion industry is one of the most critical ones worldwide, and just like other businesses, it keeps growing and changing throughout the years and through new trends. There is a lot of competition between brands and designers to come up with the best pieces. Big companies are already recognized, but small fashion brands aren’t, and if you’re in the position to buy, try thinking small and local. Always consider buying items from these companies to support them and help improve the career of new, upcoming designers. If you’ve already thought about giving that kind of support, but you don’t know exactly what brands are included in this topic, I’m here for you! Keep scrolling and you will find some examples where you can get beautiful, quality items and where your money will make a big difference.

Peter Do

This designer called Peter Do launched his brand in 2018 and it’s known for luxurious, comfortable and modern women clothing. The group behind this brand works towards the same – silhouettes and functionality. You can find a lot of pockets, including in skirts and dresses, but for 2020, the main goal is layering, so sleeveless knitwear. How unique, right? Peter’s mantra is making clothes for women to live in, which means that they’re made to get stuff done, while looking wonderful doing it! Have I already convinced you to take a look? Run, because it’s amazing!


“16Arlington”, founded by Marko and Kikka, is described as the point where minimalism and maximalism meet, because the clothing and the items they do follow an elegant label, with bright and opulent couture. These eye-catching pieces will conquer the world due to their amazing and colorful details. Do you want a statement piece for some party invitation? This brand is the right one for those moments, and this way you will be the most marvelous person in the room!

Paris Texas

This Italian shoe brand was founded in 2015 and the main goal of its founders was to create a fashion-forward and long-lasting shoe, an investment that was meant to last years and years. These shoes come in a huge variety range with bold leathers, chunky-heel styles, and oversized buckles. Something with glamour, but also different! Do you want some new couture in your closet? Paris Texas boots are perfect for you to express yourself and kill it in the shoe game.

Cecilie Bahnsen

This young designer has made herself a statement in the fashion scene with some voluminous pieces that are playful and bold! Volume and sculpture define her creations and the goal is to offer a contemporary and feminine look. The design merges France and Scandinavian pieces and the results are unique, effortless, and soft pieces for women. I really want one of these, how about you?

Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers is a designer known by his grand designs, which follow the line between eye-catching and pragmatic clothing. Drama and excess are some words I found to describe his creations, but not in a bad way! His clothing explores gender identity through shapes, colors, and silhouettes, reaching his own aesthetics values. Amazing and powerful!


Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Madsen are the people behind Rotate, creating streetwear with modern shapes, and with a few bold colors as their main style. Together, they come up with amazing pieces, where the ultimate goal is to make low budget, modern clothes for girls, so it can be bought by almost everyone that feels nothing but love for fashion!

Orseund Iris

Alane Johnson created Orseund Iris – the Insta-girl beloved label. Alana works a lot through social media and her art is inspired by the past, with her clothing being described as vintage with a lot of silhouettes focusing. She wants to create items that help women become more and more confident about themselves, feeling their strength and power inside. Go take a look at her Instagram, buy, and become the resilient and real woman that you are!

Dress Up!

Some people say that fashion is an armor that helps us survive the reality of everyday life and I absolutely agree with that! Wear what you feel that makes you the most powerful and essentially yourself! You can find amazing and unique pieces in small new brands that will change your life and the way you express yourself! Stay fashionable, stay beautiful and have a nice day!

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