new menswear trends

New Menswear Trends

The year is 2020, and fashion has come a long way, especially for men. We are used to seeing boldness and risky moves only in women’s fashion, but that has changed. Menswear is taking a different turn and giving the world exactly what they need, as well as giving men the opportunity to express themselves even better, through fashion. We know sometimes it’s hard to do it or courage fails, but don’t let that change what you love to wear. That’s why, today, we are revealing some of the major trends in menswear that will blow you away and make you want to change your whole wardrobe. Let’s get down to it.

Leather for Days

Leather never really left the trends, but it sure is making a triumphant return to the wardrobes of every man. From Michael Jackson to Iggy Pop, this piece is timeless and it’s the perfect touch to any outfit, capable of matching with any piece, but especially with white and denim. We’re not only talking about the classic jacket, but a few more modern models, as well such as the amazing leather pants. Those are a few reasons why we couldn’t be more excited about this decision. We fell in love with them since our favorite “Friend’s” character nailed them and even though no one could pull them off as perfectly as Freddy did, these leather pants are the real stars. It doesn’t come off as a cheap piece, just like any quality product, yet, it’s a great investment, since a leather piece will last years and years, and by then, still be a trend.

A Bold Move With Sheer Pieces

Sheer pieces have been coming a long way now, and within men’s fashion they have been gaining popularity every day. In the past, these would possibly not be seen as a trendy look, perhaps only bold and outrageous, but lucky for us it’s here and it’s here to stay. Going all over the runaways, sheer tops are for the audacious, and are new and fierce pieces that take courage to use. Big designers like Dior Men finally took these types of items to conquer the industry and since that moment, it has become a major trend, making other famous design brands take a chance on it, as well. They easily match with other pieces on top, like jackets or shirts, but also with most types of pants. All the way from the ’70s, celebrities are loving them, embracing them, and turning heads with them.

Nothing Classier Than Pinstripes

Imagine the late 1940’s, when cops and private investigators wore stripe suits and hats – classy, eye-catching, and definitely a fashion trend at the time. Then, in the ’80s, when bankers couldn’t go anywhere without one of these, and wall street was known as the pinstripes suit runaway. These are clearly a timeless piece and a must in every men’s wardrobe, as well as being only one of the tailoring classic styles making a comeback (possibly the most famous one). The options are endless when it comes to styles and colors, from straightforward to double-breasted, from a sportier version to a more professional one. Make sure to get yourself one and bring back the good-old times!

Double Denim

Personally, we don’t think denim was ever out of fashion, and there’s nothing more classic than it, in all its forms. There isn’t a single clothing piece that wasn’t made into a denim version. In the fashion capitals, denim is rising from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix in the form of new trends and raising the bar for other pieces. We’re talking about double denim.

Now, this can be a real challenge, and nailing this look can be pretty hard, but when worn in the right way, it’s a look worth a million bucks. It’s tricky, but there’s so much room to experiment, so try mixing and matching different tones, for example, a darker jean jacket with blue clear jeans. The goal is to give the spotlight to both denim pieces but in different highlights. Times have changed, and it’s the perfect opportunity to go bold, so even though it’s a risk, it’s one worth taking.

The Last Advice

Fashion is just another way to express someone’s passion, style, and even personality. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to style, but knowing how to nail it can be a more elaborate task. Always be true to yourself and to your own essence, as that’s what makes you yourself. Lastly, the key to kill with one of these styles is to wear it with passion, so make it big, and make it yours. Thank you and see you next time!

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