timeless fashion trends

Timeless Fashion Trends

It’s not a secret that fashion trends come and go, throughout the years, changing season to season, even a little bit every day. However, we know that some items of clothing can be timeless, and once you put them on, they just look flawless and cool! Not only in women’s fashion, but also in men’s – there are some pieces that remain trendy many years, still looking fashionable today!

Many people go for this type of clothing and smartly create a personal wardrobe where they’re able to always look stunning, with the advantage of keeping away the need of buying newer things, every season. By putting all your money into good quality and timeless pieces, you can save money and even stop cooperating with a toxic fast fashion industry, one that creates a dangerous environmental impact.

Now, if I got your attention and you’re interested in this type of clothing, not only to always be trendy, but to save money and the environment, as well, stay with me and keep scrolling, as I will show you a few items that just don’t seem to go out of fashion!

Timeless Leather Jackets

Everybody knows this item and I’m sure that, at some point in our lives, we’ve all had a leather jacket, right? That’s why this is an immortal piece for women and men! This jacket is a great investment without hesitation, as it can be worn with a simple white shirt to achieve a classic and sporty look, at the same time. It was born in the 1900s and it was popular among aviators and the military, earning the name “bomber jacket” in World War II.

Throughout the years, many people started to wear this amazing piece and in the 60’s it was adopted by movie stars. It was only in the ’80s that it got its real chance in the music industry, with punk rock legends, like Blondie and Billie Idol. Since then, they were included in fashion shows and stores all around the world, so people could buy and rock this amazing and versatile piece. Since it will surely stay for a long time, consider buying one, and I’m sure you’ll feel the rock and roll vibes, instantly!

White Shirt is a Classic!

This piece is omnipresent and immortal in fashion, much known in men’s wardrobe but also in women’s. I know you’re thinking: “How did a plain white shirt become an essential and timeless feature in our wardrobes?” Well, it all began in the Victorian era, near 1830, when men used it under their vests and coats, but in the 1980’s everything changed, and women made it into an iconic fashion statement. It was no longer associated with masculinity, mainly because of actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, which were some of the first ones to try this piece of clothing. Not only did it become a fashion trend back in the days, but it still remains one today!

Keeping Everything Near With a Handbag

A handbag, or commonly known as a purse, was created with the purpose of carrying coins, and it was worn by women and men. This item was mostly made of leather or soft fabric in the 17th century, but in the 18th century, fashion started moving to different types of accessories with silhouettes. In modern times, the use of this purse is also very consistent by women in carrying what they need, so it’s clearly a timeless trend! Men’s purses were revived in Europe in the 1970s and slowly became popular! Do you want to carry everything with you in order to ease your day? Get one of these, in any size, color, or shape, and remember to match it with your outfit!

Let’s Talk About Printing: Floral

Some classic prints will never go out of style and floral print is a good example! Designers keep inventing ways to incorporate it into their items nowadays, but its origin is the Orient and Asia. The most common flower to be printed were peonies, a unique flower from China with large bright petals. It’s not surprising that they were the first ones, because of their diversity, meaning that it was possible to incorporate hundreds of designs and colors into the fabrics! This print is famous among women in their dresses and shirts, but men’s fashion has recently adopted this print too and I think it’s staying for many years!

Be Fashionable!

Timeless designs have a lot of advantages, as you can look pretty and be more functional, at the same time. Having these items in your wardrobe will ease your life, so you don’t have to think twice about the outfit, knowing you’ll kill it, everytime! You know that this shirt, this jacket, or even some type of floral printing will always look good, as they’re timeless and modern, allowing you to be ready to take the day on! At the end of the day, all that matters is how you feel about yourself and remember that expressing yourself through your clothing is really enjoyable, because fashion is an art and you are the canvas! Thank you for reading.

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