Top Indie Albums of 2020

Top Indie Albums of 2020

Indie rock is a musical genre with its origin in the United States and the United Kingdom around 1970. Indie was the word to describe independent record labels, but as the years passed by, this term started to be associated with alternative rock mixed with other genres, like punk. Some examples of bands included in this awesome world of indie rock are Sonic Youth, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Is this your kind of music? It’s definitely mine! There are plenty more bands creating indie music and one of the beautiful things in life that we must keep the habit of, is discovering new and fresh music, everyday! If you love one genre of music, try not sticking to the same old bands and discover new albums and tracks. This task can be hard, but here I am, making a list of the top indie records that came up this year, in a random order, so you can refresh your ears and your taste. Keep scrolling!

“Fetch the Bolt Cultures” by Fiona Apple

This fresh album transmits vibes of revolution and repulsiveness, becoming a strange, but exceptional record. This is the fifth album of the American singer, Fiona Apple, it was launched on April 17th and it took her five years to bring this masterpiece to the world. “Fetch the Bolt Cultures” includes long songs and represents an out-of-this-world trip through an experimental piano and some crazy drum sets. When you’re listening to it carefully, you will notice some non-musical objects used to do percussion, as well as the barking of the singer’s dog! How unique, fun, and immersive that can be? You will only know the answer to that question if you listen to Fiona’s latest project, claimed by experts as one of the best albums of 2020, released during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every Bad” by Porridge Radio

“Every Bad” is the second studio album of the British band Porridge Radio, released on March 13th. It has already received some nominations due to the quality within it, and the album can be described as fresh with some familiar elements, along with an amazing and curious songwriting. Across the songs, we can find different artistic directions, such as pure indie, dream-pop, and even heavy 90s-rock. You combine Margolin’s vocal power with the amazing talent of the drummer, Sma Yardley, the keyboardist, Georgie Scott, and bassist Madie Ryall, and you’ve got something unique in the world of music, and truly a pleasure for our ears. This album is a journey, but a good and energetic one, launched in 2020, that we can take while chilling at home. What are you waiting for?

“What We Drew” by Yaeji

Kathy Yeaji Lee is a Korean-American music artist and her style blends house music, hip hop, and quiet English and Korean vocals. Quite a different vibe, right? This producer can definitely show her art through music and this album is the perfect example! Some say this one is cozy and dreamy, with a wonderful dancing feeling to it. The mixture of genres makes this record particular, which is maybe the main reason why it’s one of the best albums of 2020! Are you in need of some “chill time”? Put “What We Drew” on!

“The New Abnormal” by The Strokes

The Strokes released “The New Abnormal” on April 10th and it was the first album in seven years! Reviews were really positive and this was called, by a lot of their fans, as the great return of the band! As you listen to the songs, you will notice that this album has a lot of influences from other big bands, such as Pink Floyd, The Smiths, and Billy Idol. Not only does it have beautiful ballads and charming melodies, but you can feel the rock vibes that will pump you up. Fresh and new or old and nostalgic? Tell me in the comments below how you felt about this masterpiece!

“Saint Cloud” by Waxahatchee

“Saint Cloud” is a powerful album with a strong piano presence, a synthesizer, and a guitar. Waxahatchee’s frontwoman, Katie Crutchfield, said that this album was inspired by her struggles with alcoholism, not specifically about sobriety, but about the path before, which actually makes it pretty impressive! Released on March 27th, this is one of the top albums of 2020 and represents a lifestyle change with a lovable sound. It’s not late to listen to this wonderful and statement piece of art, so go for it!

Music Is Everything

Hopefully, I’ve helped you to get to know some of the newer tracks and records released in this troubled year. Never stop looking for new music, and never give up on listening to music in general, because not only can it be one of the most amazing forms of art ever created, but it can also increase our happiness and turn out to be a life changer!

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