What Gemstone Matches Your Personality

What Gemstone Matches Your Personality?

Since ancient times, stones have been associated with the human mind and its balance.
In fact, crystal therapy is a discipline whose goal is to restore energy to our brain, by connecting it to the body. But even though every gemstone features some healing properties, not all of them are suitable for you and for your everyday life. Why? Because their characteristics, both in terms of esthetic and power, can vary a lot. Are you curious to find out which gemstone matches your personality? Buckle up, our journey is about to start.


Purple, sometimes light green colored, amethyst is generally associated with calm and wisdom. Probably, this is the most “religious” gemstone of them all, since in the Christian religion many sacred people used to wear large gold rings with amethyst stones.

Those who choose amethyst often turn out to be bright and lively, with great balance and an innate ability to pass it on to others. Determination and decision, as passion, are among the characteristics associated with the amethyst.


Ruby, a gem that belongs to the Olympus of precious stones, doesn’t need any presentation. Famous for its Intense color, the expression “ruby-red” is often used to indicate its shade of red, which is also associated with the color of blood, a vital element that also indicates sexuality.

Who chooses the ruby is a lively and vital person, strong and determined, with a hint of style. A certain charm never hurts, after all.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is said to give order and structure to our body, mind, and spirit, allowing us to find stability. It is suitable for chaotic and disorganized people who need to have references to perform at their best.

That is why lapis lazuli jewelry is often chosen as a present for those who have a busy professional life but need to optimize their workflow. And true, its deep purple shades are quite the incentive.


According to some secular beliefs, the emerald was capable of granting eternal youth to its wearer. Perhaps that’s the main reason why Cleopatra, Ancient Egypt’s true influencer, loved it so much.

Symbol of fertility and willpower, emeralds are recommended for those who are highly motivated, have a clear vision of their goals, and a natural ability to bring people together.


Ancient texts’ translation of garnet was the lighthouse. In fact, these stones were worn by explorers who sought to protect themselves from danger. So, if you have an innate leadership and you are ambitious and adventurous, garnet is your gemstone.

Most likely, you have great consideration of your relationships and yourself. Be careful though, confidence and stubbornness can easily be confused.


For many centuries tanzanite has been one of the most desired colored gemstones. The reason for this is pretty simple: its intense color and rarity (yes, it’s even rarer than diamond) make this gem unique! It is said that tanzanite is also linked to motherhood and sacredness: in Africa, when a woman of the Masai Tribe gives birth to a child, she receives tanzanite as a gift from the Masai chief, as a wish for long life and luck.

Who chooses tanzanite jewelry is a person with a refined taste and innate intuition, capable of being very pragmatic in everyday life. Yes, who wouldn’t want to be like that? Unfortunately, that’s not for everyone.


Opal is the birthstone of the month of October. It is a very peculiar gem, perhaps the most unique of them all. Fascinating and mysterious, it can be found in nature showcasing the colors of the rainbow.

Opal is associated with the achievement of one’s goals, it stimulates enthusiasm, liveliness, and a certain degree of attraction for risk. Those who choose this precious stone are often courageous, sometimes careless, but always honest and sincere.


Is there a better way to finish this list than with a gem that has always been a symbol of elegance and refinement? We certainly don’t need to tell you how fashionable pearls are, but maybe it may interest you that they are often linked to resilience and integrity.

Those who choose the pearl are often discrete, reflective, flexible, and inclined to adapt to the difficulties that life brings. And let’s be honest, those occur pretty often.

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