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Work / Life Balance Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to reach the ideal balance between your personal life and your work one. The truth is that this difficulty is becoming more of a reality for most people, so you’re not alone if you’re going through this! The conflict of work and family life is usually the result of the ideal worker archetype, which due to the self-involvement in work tasks it becomes hard to turn off one or the other.

The pressure of being better and catching up with the goals of new projects can turn your workplace into hell due to all the anxiety and stress you’re accumulating. Nowadays, productivity is most of the time a priority, while health is set aside. Consequently, this leads to working too much and not spending enough time at home, taking care of ourselves. But what most employees don’t realize is that stressful working conditions can lead to less motivation, ultimately making them want to quit the job. Stress can also be associated with a lot of diseases, such as cardiovascular ones and weaker immune systems, so remember that it doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum between work and your personal life, health is always a priority, and avoiding stress conditions will be better overall!

Now you know why it’s so important to reach this work and life balance, so don’t dedicate a hundred percent of yourself to work and take some time “me time”, be it to relax or just to be with your family! This balance is very important to prevent “burnouts” and achieve more mindfulness. I know that you’re thinking that it’s really hard to avoid stress in today’s fast paced society, but the main questions are how to avoid these situations and how we can really achieve this balance between personal life and work! Without further delays, here are some tips for you:

Time Off Is Possible

Encouraging some time off can be the key to achieve a healthy balance between work and life! This time off can be spent traveling somewhere during the vacations or it can be simpler activities, like going to the cinema, to the pool or reading a book. The main goal is to do something that enables you to switch off and enjoy yourself.

Write in your agenda some words that mean relax time so you can remember that you need these hours, and make yourself incorporate them into your daily basis. Nothing else matters but you, so put yourself first and spend quality time without thinking about what you have to do and what work tasks you need to accomplish!

Short Breaks Can Bring a Bigger Change

If you can’t take long breaks or vacations during some weeks, or a month, this tip will suit you perfectly! Spending hours staring at a computer screen isn’t good for the human body, mentally or physically. My advice is to do some light exercise if you can. Reading ten pages of a book or even grabbing a coffee and breathing some fresh hair can make all the difference. All of these techniques can improve your productivity and create an impact in your routine, so why wouldn’t you want to try one of these?

Setting Boundaries and Work Hours (and Sticking To Them)


This one is connected to the organizational side of your life. That is correct, organization is key when it comes to finding balance in some sort of task, which, right now, is to define work hours and “me” hours. It can be hard, especially if you work from home, but don’t think it’s impossible! It’s important to define when you’re going to start working but it is equally important to decide when you’re stopping! Don’t answer late-night emails, just leave them to the next day, and enjoy your break while you can with yourself or with your loved ones!

Be Realist and Prioritize Your Time!

Having a huge to-do list can unbalance your priorities and your work life, just by making you set unrealistic standards. My advice is to divide tasks into four categories: urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and the last neither urgent nor important. This way, you can really look and find what you really need to accomplish first and which ones need more focus and mental strength! Being realistic can help a lot because the truth is that we can’t do everything, in a short amount of time, with a high quality. So, don’t worry, do the urgent things first and the rest can be done in the next hours!

Caring For Yourself Is a Priority

Lastly, at the end of the day, we are everything that matters the most, so take your time, don’t put extra pressure on yourself and the most important thing to keep in mind is to never put work above family, loved ones, or even ourselves! Find peace in everything that you do and slow down because each day is unique! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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